Nutrition Challenge of the Week

Hey ladies!  I’m starting a new challenge this week, and it has 2 parts again.  One is probably more important in your success than the other!

1)       The first challenge is to record everything you eat and drink (however you want, in a notebook or on the computer).  Like I’ve said before in class, this has been extremely helpful to me in troubleshooting what’s wrong with my daily/weekly eating habits.  If your goal is to lose weight and your weight didn’t go down at all in a week, you most likely need to change something.  It’s pretty easy to look back over the week and pick the one or two things that may be holding you back from reaching your goals.

EVEN if you just want to get healthier or stay healthy and energetic, a food log can still be very helpful if you record how you’re feeling at different times of the day.  You may find that you’re sensitive to certain foods or that some foods give you more or less energy.

I’ve also found times where I actually needed to eat more during the first half of the day to ensure better choices later in the day.

2)      My second challenge is one that is extremely difficult, but it’s one that I’m going to be doing myself for this week.  I’m going to go without SUGAR during the week and will probably have a dessert on Saturday and/or Sunday.  Don’t laugh, but I’m used to having at least 1 dessert a day!  After looking over my food logs for the past  3 weeks, I felt that this was the next step for me….so let’s go!  I definitely won’t blame you or judge you if you’re not with me because you have to be “in the mood” or up for the challenge to do this one, but I think it’s do-able considering that you can have a treat on the weekend.  I’m hoping I can get some momentum and do this one for 3 weeks also!

Today, by the way, has been pretty good by my standards.

My workout, by the way, was very similar to the one you did this morning, plus I did some intervals on the treadmill, which I’ll write more about later if you’re interested in how I did my intervals.

Monday Food Log for Julie

Breakfast: grapes,

2 eggs,

Ezekiel bread (my goal is to only have 1 serving of wheat a day, too)

sautéed sugar snap peas

I had sort of a weird schedule and had 2 snacks instead of lunch,

Post-workout drink: Prograde workout  (I really don’t use this a lot, but I do use it as a treat when I workout hard)


“lunch”: more red grapes

chobani greek yogurt (awesome!)

afternoon snack: green apple slices

salted cashews, 1 serving, about 180 calories (one of my treats that I look forward to, but       they’re hard to stop eating!)

another piece of Ezekiel bread for a pre-workout snack…oops. That’s 2 servings of wheat for me today, but I had to do a second workout, which was unexpected.

Dinner: Most likely turkey breast

Green beans

Half an avocado

It may not be perfect, but this is all a process!  Are you up for the challenge?

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