Marketing Opportunity Available for Local Businesses

Summer Kids FitCamp Scholarships

Hi, I’m Julie Sawyer, owner and operator of Tuff Girl Bootcamps and Fitness Director at The Palisades Country Club.  I’m launching a kids’ fitness camp this summer to keep kids active and to help Charlotte families fight obesity.  As you may know, obesity is just a symptom; it’s inactivity that is a major contributor to North Carolina’s #5 ranking in the country in childhood obesity.  We want to make fitness fun for kids this summer; however, not everyone can afford to pay for summer camp for their child, no matter how much they need it.

Tuff Girl Bootcamps is going to be offering scholarships this summer for kids (boys and girls), based on need (both physically and financially).  Camps will be run each week throughout the summer at The Palisades Country Club from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM.  (For more info, go to  We’re hoping to team up with local businesses to provide those scholarships. Would you be willing to help us this summer in providing an opportunity for a local child in need?

Here’s what you can receive in return for your donation:

1)  Your business name and logo will be on our camp T-shirt.

2)  Your business name and logo will be on our website in our sponsors and contributors section, on our facebook fan page, and will be posted on twitter at regular intervals.

3)  Also, a press release will go out on local business participation in promoting kids’ fitness, and your business name will be included in the press release.

4)  You also have the option of distributing information in our camp packets that go out with our campers on each Monday.

5)  You will receive a 1-month FREE membership to Tuff Girl Bootcamps for you and your spouse (or a friend.)

6)  You also have the option of sending your child to fitness camp for one week for half-price, or you may receive 2 weeks FREE depending on donation.

Here are your donation options:

1)  Level 1 Donation– 1/2 scholarship ($75)

In return for this donation, your business name and logo will be posted on our website, on our facebook fan page, on our blog, and will be posted on twitter.

2)  Level 2 Donation– Full scholarship ($150)

In return for this donation, you will receive “perks” 1 through 5 listed above, PLUS 1 week for your child to kids’ fitcamp for half-price.

3)  Level 3 Donation– 2 or more full scholarships.

In return for this donation, you receive ALL options listed above including 2 FREE weeks for your child to our kids’ summer fitcamp.  You may choose to use these 2 FREE weeks for one child or divide among two children, or to bring a friend with your child also!

You will be given a receipt upon donating, and your donation can be used as a tax-free deduction.  If you decide to help us, you may pay any time between now and June 4th.

Thanks for your help in tackling childhood obesity and inactivity in Charlotte!

For more info, go to, or watch our YouTube video to see what camp looks like!

Julie Sawyer, Tuff Girl Bootcamps, 803-984-0714 (M)


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