Fears of Fitness

I just thought I’d write a minute about what everyone goes through before they go to their first group fitness class.  Wi believe that almost everyone is afraid or anxious before they try a particular class for the first time.  Here are some of the fears that most people will have about a group fitness class.

1) Fear of embarassment? This may be the number one fear.  Someone may be afraid that they don’t have the coordination to do a class, which would cause embarassment, or they don’t know if they can physically keep up with the group.  They don’t want to stick out, so they just don’t try.

2)  Fear of pain: If you haven’t attended a class before, then you don’t know how hard it’s going to be unless you try it yourself.  Word of mouth helps if you know someone who attends the class, but you really don’t know for yourself until you try it.

3)  Fear of the unknown: This is just a basic fear that everyone has because you won’t know what you’re about to experience until you step in there and just do it.

4)  Pride: Very similar to the pain factor is pride.  Maybe you’re afraid that you’ll have to stop before someone else does because it hurts too much, and you don’t want someone else to out-perform you or for someone that you know to realize your vulnerabilities.

One way to alleviate some of these fears is to be able to watch a class or to be able to talk to the instructor about any concerns you have before you actually participate in the class.   This weekend, we’re holding a Fitness Marathon/Health Fair at The Palisades Country Club for members and non-members to show many of our members what our group fitness classes are like.  The instructors will be there explaining a little bit about the benefits of each class and will go through a short 20-minute demo of the class.

This is a great way to get introduced to a fitness class that you haven’t done before.  Come on out and join us if you’d like.  We’re doing a Bootcamp demo, a kettlebell demo, CrossFit, Zumba, MMA, and Yoga.  Here’s more information if you need it, or email me at julies@thepalisadescc.com if you have more specific questions.

Fitness Marathon


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