Weekly Summary

Good job ladies for coming out and working hard this week!  Each workout was tough, and it’s great to see everyone getting physically and mentally stronger each time they come out.  You are making changes that will affect the rest of your life!

Campers of the week this week are Julie Champion, Mary Eberle, Kate Lemond, and Raveena Boler for making all 3 workouts this week!

Also, thanks everyone for coming out on Friday morning and working hard.  The editor of the Lake Wylie Pilot was there to take pictures, and she took a lot of them.  Everyone gave a great effort, and you ALL looked gorgeous; so I’m sure she got some great shots. 🙂 Can’t wait to see them!  She also did interviews with a couple of our ladies, so it will be interesting to see how she puts it all together for the article on our Transformation Contest.

By the way, if you thought you missed our meeting and our grocery store tour last week, it didn’t happen.  We’re starting the Transformation Contest in one more week, and we’ll have the grocery store tour next Sunday after the meeting.  I’ll post more on the contest in the next blog.

Let’s get ready for a great week!


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