Will you FAIL or succeed in 2011?

As the new year has begun, many of us have made our New Year’s resolutions.

You know, the stuff we can do to make 2011 even better than 2010.

It’s a fun time of year to basically dream about bettering our quality of lives in one or multiple facets of our existence.

But here’s my little Debbie Downer moment for ya…

Sadly, the research reveals that only about 20% of us end up keeping our New Year’s resolutions and guess where the biggest failures are most often found?

Fitness resolutions!

Studies show that only 50% of people who actually start an exercise program quit in 6 weeks or less.

In other words, 1 out of every 2 people give up on their workout routine by mid-February with 10.5 months left in the year- that’s just shoddy at best and I know you’re better than.

Clearly, you don’t want to be another depressing statistic in 2011, right?

More importantly, why do you think so many of people fail to achieve their goals each year when they are so enthusiastic for change and hungry for success on each New Year’s Eve?

Over the years, I have identified the top 3 reasons most people fall short of their fitness goals:

1.) They do not have a fitness goal(s). Specifically, they do not have a written goal. Psychologist who study the art of success claim that 95-97% of people who do NOT have written goals fail, while the 3-5% who do have written goals triumph. You need to be among that elite 3-5% if you want to succeed- period!

2.) They do not have a tried and proven nutrition system to support their fitness goal(s). While most people are willing to follow a diet, they often find themselves overwhelmed by all those fads and gimmicks out there and just don’t know where to start. More specifically, people need to be told exactly what to eat, how often, how much, etc. Done-for-you meal plans leave nothing to chance and since nutrition is 80-90% of achieving any fitness goal, it is clear this is a step that just cannot be skipped.

3.) They do not have a tried and proven workout system to support their fitness goal(s). If you think the diet component is tough (and it is), working out with consistency on your own is nearly impossible in comparison. The reason there are so many more diet books out there than workout books is because most people would rather change the way they eat than move more- after all, it takes less work. Plus, most people still mistakingly believe endless hours of long, slow, and boring cardio is the answer to their bulging waistlines and if they do actually do some strength training it’s done with pitiful form that will result injury before any true fat loss or lean muscle gain will occur. Having a qualified fitness instructor to keep you accountable, motivate you, and tell you exactly what to do do burn fat and build lean muscle is the key to being consistent and consistency is the key to getting rapid and lasting results.

Now before you go and jump off a cliff in the face of this depressing reality, stay tuned tomorrow for a very special announcement about a brand new program I’ve created that will jump-start the most fit year of your life 😉

Crank it!


PS- Here’s a hint… you’ll have a TIGHTER TUMMY IN 10 DAYS!! Oops, I couldn’t contain my excitement 😉

PPS- Be sure to open tomorrow’s email right away as you’ll have to act fast if you want to burn belly fat in 2011!

PPPS- Think about what you would buy yourself as a reward if you dropped a half to a full inch off of your waistline in the 10 days prior… and be sure have fun with it too!


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