7 Deadly Workout Sins Summary

1)  Performing daily body part workouts

The reality is that training your whole body more frequently will result in bigger

strength and muscle gain, greater fat loss, and more metabolic boosts than

training each muscle group once per week– and the science supports this.

In a recent study at the University of Alabama, researchers had two groups of

men perform two different strength-training programs with the same total

training volume (sets and reps) for each muscle group. However, one group

split the work across three total body workouts while the other group trained

each muscle group separately one time per week. They discovered that the

total body workout group gained five additional pounds of lean muscle mass

compared to their body-part training counterparts.

It’s critical to understand that the more muscle you have the greater your resting

metabolic rate (RMR).

THE FIX: For busy people looking for the biggest bang for their fitness buck,

best results will be achieved with 3 total body workouts per week with ideally 48

hours between workouts to maximize muscle growth and recovery.


Deadly Workout Sin #2- Performing marathon workouts lasting 60 minutes or


Well, a landmark aerobic training study from the International Journal of Sports

Nutrition determined that 45 minutes of steady state aerobic training 5 days per

week had zero effect over dieting alone when it came to weight loss— that’s 45

hours of activity for nothing! However, the lack of results wasn’t solely due to the

length of the workouts, but also the low-intensity nature of these workouts.

THE FIX: Shorter, more focused and intense workouts produce better results

than one hour plus marathon sessions. If you have to workout for longer than

30-45 minutes to feel satisfied than you probably weren’t working hard enough

in the first place or you were committing some form of the other deadly workout


Deadly Workout Sin#3- Using single-joint isolation exercises that address only

one plane of movement

Multi-joint, compound exercises involve functional movement patterns that

occur in the real world across multiple joints at the same time thus resulting in

greater total muscle activation and heavier loading and subsequently greater

calorie burning, fat loss, and muscle growth. For our purposes, there are six

foundational movement patterns that comprise the ultimate total body

metabolic workout:

THE FIX: Employ functional multi-joint, compound movement patterns that

address all three planes of movement for maximum muscle growth, fat loss,

and metabolic spikes.

Deadly Workout Sin#4- Using low-intensity work periods lasting 2 minutes or

longer to burn fat

One of the biggest myths in fitness is the concept of the fat-burning zone. It all

started in 1993 when researchers at the University of Texas determined that

lower to moderate intensity activity burnt the greatest amount of fat for fuel. In

addition, peak fat oxidation (burning) appeared to occur at 65% of aerobic

capacity. This is basically the exercise equivalent of conversational cardio or a

power walk or slow jog.

The fact of the matter is that high-intensity exercise is scientifically proven to

burn nine times more body fat than ordinary exercise per unit of effort. Plus, it’s

not about how much fat your burn during your workout that’s important. The

harder you exercise the more sugar you burn for fuel and this allows you to

burn more fat during rest periods and in the hours and days between your

workouts for maximum total body fat burning.

In the Gibala study, researchers collected a bunch of college students who

were in good health but not participating in any athletics. One group rode a bike

at a sustainable pace for 90-120 minutes. The other group performed 20-30

seconds of cycling at maximum effort followed by four minutes of full recovery

and they repeated this sequence up to four to six times for a total of 18-27

minutes. Each group exercised three times per week for two total weeks. In the

end, they discovered that both groups achieved identical improvements in

endurance even though the high-intensity group had only exercised for six to

nine minutes while it took the low-intensity group five hours to achieve those

same results! I know, crazy, right?

What’s even crazier is the fact that the high-intensity group had greater weight

loss than their low-intensity counterparts. According to the head researcher

Martin Gibala the “rate of energy expenditure remains higher longer into

recovery” from high-intensity interval training.

THE FIX: To burn fat and skyrocket metabolism 24-7-365, employ high-intensity

work periods lasting 30-60 seconds or less to deplete muscle glycogen stores

during your workouts in order to burn more fat fuel when resting and at all other

times of the day.

Deadly Workout Sin#5- Performing straight sets of a single exercise

Burn over 500 calories in 20 minutes: In a recent study by the University of

Southern Maine, researchers discovered a more accurate method of

estimating calorie burn from weight training than had been used previously.

They discovered that a weight training circuit burned 71% more calories than

previously thought. In fact, an eight minute circuit burned somewhere between

159 and 233 calories which breaks down to about 20-28 calories per minute!

Elevate metabolism for up to 38+ hours post-workout: In a study by the

European Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers determined that a 31-

minute circuit training protocol of three compound, multi-joint movements

significantly elevated metabolism for 38 hours post-workout– at which point

they decided to stop tracking. This metabolic afterburn was due to a couple of

factors. The first is due to increased tissue turnover due to the need to build

and repair muscle microtrauma after high-intensity training. The second is due to increased Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) due to the oxygen debt created by high-intensity anaerobic exercise.

THE FIX: If your goal is maximum results in minimal time, employ alternating

sets of non-competitive exercises each and every time you workout. Metabolic

circuit training is by far the best way to get into the best shape of your life in 30

minutes or less so you can get on with your very busy day.

Deadly Workout Sin#6- Using long rest periods of 2 minutes or more between


THE FIX: Employ short rest periods of 30-60 seconds or less between

exercises in order to maximize training density and the growth hormone

response from exercise for maximum fat loss and metabolic acceleration.

Deadly Workout Sin#7- Performing the same fitness routine for six weeks or


THE FIX: Change-up up your fitness up your fitness routine each and every

month to prevent dreaded weight loss and performance plateaus. Employ new

exercises and different work and rest periods (or interval protocols) to

constantly provide a new stimulus that your body must learn how to adapt to.



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