Attempting one of the world’s hardest pushups

OK, yesterday my friend BJ Gaddour of Workout Muse issued a challenge to all trainers to try a “level 6” pushup.  We normally show at least level 1, 2, and 3 progressions in our bootcamps whereas there are a couple of brave souls who may be able to try a level 4 or 5 progression.  This pushup called for the use of 2 kettlebells turned upside down AND 1 foot off the floor!

I thought I was up for the challenge but really wasn’t sure whether I could do it or not.  Once I tried, I realized it was even harder than I thought to keep my balance while bending my elbows for the pushup!  Many tries later, and one funny video later, I completed the pushup, going ALL the way down.  Whew!

Here’s the video in case you wanna see it.  It’s pretty entertaining and inspiring at the same time. 🙂

Don’t worry; we won’t be doing this one at bootcamp. 😉


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