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Journey into the mind of a trainer…

December 1, 2011

On Monday November 28th 2011, I started the 24 Day Challenge, sponsored by Advocare.
I’ve never been so ready to do something in a long time. I’m so fed up of my clothes being tight and feeling like I’m “chunky.” It’s much worse being a trainer and feeling like you’re “on display” while you’re demonstrating the exercises for the day in front of the group.
I’ve been about 5 pounds heavier than usual for several months…a large part of the last year. I’m always heavier from October through February or March, but then I gradually “lean out” a little bit from all of the activity in the heat. Now, I’m 5 pounds heavier than usual BEFORE going into the worst part of the winter months….ugghhh! Now is the time to draw the line, and this opportunity to participate in the 24 Day Challenge Transformation Contest couldn’t have come at a better time.
I’m highly motivated, and I don’t believe that there’s anything that can make me lose my motivation. You know you’re ready to change when you’re sooo sick of the way things are now with your weight, clothes being tight, etc, that you are willing to do ANYTHING to change it, even if old habits die hard.
Today is the end of Day 3, and I’m feeling great about how I’ve started. Just a quick summary of the past 3 days.
Day 1: I started taking Advocare supplements, including the fiber drink, the Spark energy drink, the herbal cleanse at night, plus their Omega 3 supplement and their amino acids called Catalyst.
From the beginning I’ve been able to tell the difference, which I believe is from the Spark that I’ve been drinking throughout the day. I haven’t had a Coke Zero (and I normally drink 2 to 4 a day), and I don’t get a headache or any cravings ALL day…no urges to cheat, and my appetite has been drastically reduced.
Day 2: Same supplements. Not much appetite. Definitely went well under my calories for the day and got my exercise for the 2nd straight day. Drank lots of water, but I was really sluggish in the morning. The Spark made the difference, though. Still did NOT cheat, not one bit. I never have it this easy!
Day 3…pretty much the same…no urges to cheat. I haven’t had “bread” in 3 days, except for 1 piece of Ezekiel bread in the morning with my eggs. Plus I haven’t had 1 morsel of chocolate! I can’t tell you the last time that happened….ummm, never??!!
Anyway, I’m amazed so far at how the Advocare products have worked. I believe that I’m going to break personal records during this cleanse/transformation…like being able to stick with this for 24 days straight, which has never happened! This is the beginning of some new habits, and I’m excited!
I’m going to take my own measurements tomorrow after all of the bloating is gone. Then, when I take measurements after that, I’ll see true fat loss if I’m any smaller. Can’t wait to see what happens!
I’m also pledging to do 24 days or workouts, including some bodyweight cardio every day, but the cool thing is I’m going to do it without running a single mile! There will be videos to come of some of these great workouts, so stay tuned!