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Tuesday Health & Fitness Seminar Summary

January 21, 2011

Hi everyone!  If you missed Tuesday night’s seminar, I’ll give you a quick summary, plus I’ll be sending you videos as I get them.  We also have special offers from our speakers, so I’ll make sure you know about what each one is offering for those who attended and for our bootcampers.

1)       First off, I went over the 7 Deadly Exercise Sins and the 7 ways to “fix” those sins.  Just rest assured that you all are NOT “committing” any of these sins when you’re in our classes. J  I’ll be emailing you the full report, which was written by my friend BJ.  You’ll also receive the “How to Get a Flat Belly” blog, which some of you have already received; but we have many new campers on the list so bare with me!

2)      Cynthia Hill of FYI Cynthia spoke next on “Good Fats, Bad Fats, and Bellyfat.”  She sparked a lot of interest in her topic, and I hated to tell her that we had to move on!  Cynthia will be emailing me a special offer for the group, so stay tuned.  Go to Cynthia if you feel that you need individual coaching and encouragement to get you “over the hump” in your quest for fitness, health, and a flat stomach!   Her website is Her email is

3)      Next Jessica Hooks came up and explained how kinesiotape can help support a painful joint and what kinds of pain and injuries kinesiotape is used for.  Jessica is a wellness coach and a massage therapist and owns Just Focus Massage and Wellness.  Go to Jessica for her great overall knowledge of how the body works, for a great massage, and for insight on why you have any pain that you’re experiencing.  Her website is and her email is

4)      Lastly, Dr. Brian Strump, chiropractor and owner of Premier Health & Rehab, did a great talk and demo of how to use a foam roller and a tennis ball to work on trigger points, muscle tightness, and painful joints.  Brian is a great person to go to for optimal health, and is a great trouble-shooter in pin-pointing where pain is coming from and how to get rid of it.  His website is, and his email is

If you’d like to hear the replay of Brian’s talk, it can be found on my YouTube channel, and I’ll give you the links.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s 3 different videos; so watch them in this order.

Also bare with me because at this point, our video camera was out of space, and I had to resort to my Iphone! (It looks like I was drinking and videotaping. J)


Middle (Meat of the talk)

Last (More about trigger points)


Top 10 Exercises of 2010!

December 28, 2010

Hi everyone!  It’s time for some key, fun information to wrap up 2010 that I thought you’d be interested to know. J

The following is a list of my Top 10 exercises from Tuff Girl Bootcamps.  These exercises are a mixture of the top metabolic (calorie-burning, total-body) exercises of the year AND a few of the “camp favorites.”  I can guarantee that if you compose your workout of a handful of these exercises, you will be in for a great metabolic workout!

Please feel free to share this email with friends and family.  This is a great time to share free fitness information!  Some of your friends may be more “ready” than you think to try something that they haven’t tried before, so pass it around!

I’ll be working on a video version of this tomorrow so that you can also share this with friends. J

Top 10 exercises of 2010:

10)  SLDL- single-leg deadlifts (with or without a dumbbell)-Everyone loves these because they KNOW that they’ve worked their rears the day after the workout!

9)  lunge with a twist-You remember these; it’s a forward lunge with your arms extended, hands clasped, turning towards your front knee

8)  pushup-row-Do these with or without a dumbbell, keeping your hips square, for a heckuva core  workout!

7)  Sumo deadlifts with a dumbbell with an optional jump-A great exercise to work your glutes and your inner thighs!

6)  squat-reach-jump-Maybe not the most loved exercise in bootcamp but definitely a great one for lower body and cardio!

5)  Pushup-side plank-These are probably a camp favorite because they break up those dreaded pushups and add some great variety (plus they work even more core)!

4)  Rotational lunges-  We just recently added these to our routine, and everyone had sore glutes the next day!  A good way to add movement in more than one plane or direction.

3)  Curl-to squat-to press-  A good metabolic, total-body exercise to use in your routine to keep things interesting!

2)  Spiderman mountain climbers-Good for the core, especially lower abs, AND hip mobility

1)  THE BURPEE!  I know you hate ‘em, but this exercise is great for your mobility, it’s extremely metabolic, and it’s functional!  Sorry, but the older you get, the better they are for you!

Hope you enjoyed The Tuff Girl Bootcamp Top 10 exercises of 2010!  Looking forward to building a new top 10 with you this year and helping you get fit and healthy in 2011!