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Journey into the mind of a trainer…

December 1, 2011

On Monday November 28th 2011, I started the 24 Day Challenge, sponsored by Advocare.
I’ve never been so ready to do something in a long time. I’m so fed up of my clothes being tight and feeling like I’m “chunky.” It’s much worse being a trainer and feeling like you’re “on display” while you’re demonstrating the exercises for the day in front of the group.
I’ve been about 5 pounds heavier than usual for several months…a large part of the last year. I’m always heavier from October through February or March, but then I gradually “lean out” a little bit from all of the activity in the heat. Now, I’m 5 pounds heavier than usual BEFORE going into the worst part of the winter months….ugghhh! Now is the time to draw the line, and this opportunity to participate in the 24 Day Challenge Transformation Contest couldn’t have come at a better time.
I’m highly motivated, and I don’t believe that there’s anything that can make me lose my motivation. You know you’re ready to change when you’re sooo sick of the way things are now with your weight, clothes being tight, etc, that you are willing to do ANYTHING to change it, even if old habits die hard.
Today is the end of Day 3, and I’m feeling great about how I’ve started. Just a quick summary of the past 3 days.
Day 1: I started taking Advocare supplements, including the fiber drink, the Spark energy drink, the herbal cleanse at night, plus their Omega 3 supplement and their amino acids called Catalyst.
From the beginning I’ve been able to tell the difference, which I believe is from the Spark that I’ve been drinking throughout the day. I haven’t had a Coke Zero (and I normally drink 2 to 4 a day), and I don’t get a headache or any cravings ALL day…no urges to cheat, and my appetite has been drastically reduced.
Day 2: Same supplements. Not much appetite. Definitely went well under my calories for the day and got my exercise for the 2nd straight day. Drank lots of water, but I was really sluggish in the morning. The Spark made the difference, though. Still did NOT cheat, not one bit. I never have it this easy!
Day 3…pretty much the same…no urges to cheat. I haven’t had “bread” in 3 days, except for 1 piece of Ezekiel bread in the morning with my eggs. Plus I haven’t had 1 morsel of chocolate! I can’t tell you the last time that happened….ummm, never??!!
Anyway, I’m amazed so far at how the Advocare products have worked. I believe that I’m going to break personal records during this cleanse/transformation…like being able to stick with this for 24 days straight, which has never happened! This is the beginning of some new habits, and I’m excited!
I’m going to take my own measurements tomorrow after all of the bloating is gone. Then, when I take measurements after that, I’ll see true fat loss if I’m any smaller. Can’t wait to see what happens!
I’m also pledging to do 24 days or workouts, including some bodyweight cardio every day, but the cool thing is I’m going to do it without running a single mile! There will be videos to come of some of these great workouts, so stay tuned!


Winners Selected for Transform Charlotte contest!

February 9, 2011

February 6th, 2010-Trainers Julie Sawyer and Jason Rhymer have just concluded their search to reward ten lucky participants a 3-month free package to their bootcamps.  Twenty-five hopeful contestants applied, spilling their hearts on why bootcamp would change their lives. Their essays were filled with readiness, motivation, and inspiration, as they all expressed aspirations of transforming their lives.

The Transform Charlotte contest was initiated by Sawyer and Rhymer to help numbers of Charlotteans improve their health in 2011.  Jason Rhymer of Rhymer Fitness said, “This contest gives us a chance to get back to the reason we became fitness professionals, to help change lives.  We look forward to meeting and working with people who never thought there would be an opportunity like this for them to change their lives.

Julie Sawyer of Tuff Girl Bootcamps wanted to start off the year by giving and inspiring.  “We’ve decided to make 2011 the best year ever by starting it off with the biggest fitness give-away we’ve ever done.  We hope that this will spark the interest of hundreds of Charlotteans to make positive changes for the New Year.”

After reviewing the entries, Sawyer and Rhymer have chosen 5 candidates each to reward 10 lucky contestants over $6000 worth of coaching and fitness programming.  The winners have been contacted and will be training from February through beginning of May.  Congratulations to these lucky winners whose stories have already inspired their trainers:  Debbie Francis, Nancy Russ, Rhonda Green, Wendy Smoliak, and Kathleen Adamson, all of Charlotte.  Congratulations also to Amy Barrow, David McKenzie, Edward Bailey, Joan Torres, and Cathy DuChemin, all SC residents.

For more info on these bootcamps, email Julie Sawyer at, or email Jason Rhymer at


A workout that burns 9 times more fat!

February 9, 2011

In 1994, Dr. Tabata and some other Japanese researchers conducted a study with results that have forever changed the way fitness professionals program workouts designed to burn fat and boost fitness.

There were 2 groups in this landmark study.

Group 1 did steady state cardio for 60 minutes- the long, slow, boring stuff you see most people do at your local gym with no results to show for it.

Group 2 did high-intensity interval training for only 4 minutes on a bike, consisting of 20 seconds of maximum effort and 10 seconds of rest for 8 total rounds.

The researchers found that the interval group had greater fat loss and fitness results than the steady-state cardio group proving the merits of high-intensity interval training in providing maximum results in minimal time- a tenet that’s of the utmost importance for busy people struggling to fit a daily workout into their schedule.

Since then, the Tabata protocol has been used all over the world.

Some have applied it well, most people have not.

Here are the top 3 mistakes I’ve seen with Tabata training:

1.) Using straight sets of the same exercise:

In the study, elite Japanese cyclists perform the 20-10 interval on a recumbent bike and most of them weren’t even able to finish all 8 rounds (many crapped out after 6).

In other words, even world-class athletes are unable to do 8 straight sets of max effort bouts for the exact same exercise without huge drops in intensity – and thus diminishing returns.

The solution? Perform alternating sets of non-competitive exercises to keep intensity high.

Alternating between squats and push-ups or burpees and swings for example, will provide a better overall metabolic training effect that doing straight sets of just squats which will do more for local muscular endurance than anything else.

2.) Poor exercise selection:

As previously noted, in the original study the exercise mode of choice was a recumbent bike. Though cycling intervals are great, there are other ways to get the job done that provide a little more of a functional training experience.

Using tools like battle ropes, kettlebells, bands, TRX, med balls, and other classic bodyweight movements like push-ups, mountain climbers, and split squat jumps provide a bit more bang-for-your buck (and fun) than just sitting on a bike and cranking it in-place.

My 10 favorite Tabata exercises are as follows:

1.) TRX Squat Jumps

2.) Med Ball Slams

3.) Kettlebell Swings

4.) Battle Rope Waves

5.) Band Squat to Presses

6.) Stationary Running

7.) Mountain Climbers

8.) Burpees

9.) Push-ups

10.) Skater Jumps

Furthermore, in order to properly perform the original Tabata protocol, you will need to push yourself to the brink of exhaustion making it difficult to perform exercises with a high skill and speed component.

So people new to Tabata training should probably avoid using high skill loaded exercises like swings, snatches, and cleans and extremely taxing systemic exercises like sprints and shuttles.

Rather, opt for more entry-level bodyweight options like squats and push-ups to build confidence.

Remember, just like the great Vince Lombardi used to say, fatigue makes cowards of us all- and it also makes our exercise form look like crap over time 😉

3.) Lack of progression:

There are 3 basic ways to properly progress with Tabata training:

#1- Exercise Progression

This basically means gradually moving from a Level I (beginner) movement to a Level III (advanced) movement for the same exercise variation.

For example, if you were using burpees (or squat thrust), here’s how that progression might look:

Level I- Burpee

Level II- Burpee + Push-up

Level III- Burpee + Push-up + Jump

Each level integrates a new movement that makes the task significantly harder when doing the same interval protocol.

#2- Density Progression

The original Tabata protocol has a negative 2:1 work to rest ratio that is extremely taxing on your body’s ability to supply sufficient oxygen to working muscles without conking out (even when alternating between non-competitive movements).

But here’s how you can modify the work to rest ratios and gradually build up to this negative work to rest format without being too overwhelmed in the beginning:

Level I- 10-20 Tabatas

Level II- 15-15 Tabatas

Level III- 20-10 Tabatas

Rome was built in a day, so don’t try to become the Tabata master in your first attempt 😉

#3- Intensity Progression

Most people tend to get confused regarding what constitutes intensity.

In the past, I’ve had some people tell me that a 50-10 circuit training workout is really intense.

Now I know what they meant- that the workout was challenging.


And though they may be right when comparing that 50-10 workout to 60 minutes of slow running, the reality is that work periods longer than 30 seconds tend to involve more muscular endurance and provide more volume and less intensity no matter how hard you get after it.

On the contrary, work periods lasting 10-20 seconds long are ideal for developing maximum strength and power and are much more “intense” in nature.

Outlined below is the ideal intensity progression for Tabata training:

Level I- 20-10 Tabatas

Level II- 15-15 Tabatas

Level III- 10-20 Tabatas

Yes, you read that right- 10-20 intervals are much harder than 20-10 intervals because you can put forth a lot more effort during each shorter work period and with greater rest you are better able to maintain max strength and power output in each subsequent round.


In essence, you will utilize the following 3-workout rotation each week for at least 3 straight weeks with at least 48 hours between sessions for best results.

Each day features a different work to rest ratio to allow you to experience the unique benefits of each protocol as outlined below:

Workout A- 10-20 Tabatas: Alternate between 10 seconds of maximum effort and 20 seconds of rest. Perform 8 total rounds followed by a 1-minute rest and transition. Repeat this 5-minute cycle 4 times for a 20-minute total body metabolic workout.

Workout B- 15-15 Tabatas: Alternate between 15 seconds of maximum effort and 15seconds of rest. Perform 8 total rounds followed by a 1-minute rest and transition. Repeat this 5-minute cycle 4 times for a 20-minute total body metabolic workout.

Workout C- 20-10 Tabatas: Alternate between 20 seconds of maximum effort and 10 seconds of rest. Perform 8 total rounds followed by a 1-minute rest and transition. Repeat this 5-minute cycle 4 times for a 20-minute total body metabolic workout.

Where 10-20’s allow for maximum strength and power output, 20-10’s work more strength and power endurance.

Think of 15-15’s as the ultimate Tabata “tweener” which also works extremely well for unilateral strength and power training as the extra 5 seconds of work is ideal for 1-leg or 1-arm movements that take more time to perform than there bilateral counterparts.

Lastly, the exercise selection we use is perfectly matched with each work to rest protocol. For example, exercises that require more skill and have a bigger set-up and transition time are best suited for 10-20 intervals rather than 20-10’s and visa versa.

Studies show that undulating periodization, where you change up the intensity of your workouts each day throughout the training week, provides for maximum improvements in both strength and endurance and that’s what you’re getting with TABATA REVOLUTION.

In fact, we call it undulating interval training and it’s the best way to get the most out of your interval workouts.

Do you have what it takes to join the TABATA REVOLUTION!?

We shall see 😉

Are you up for the challenge?

How to Get a Flat Stomach!

January 15, 2011

In case you missed today’s “flat belly” workout and seminar, we missed you; but we had a great workout!  We barely had enough space to fit everyone in the fitness room AND the lobby!

We did an ascending ladder today, so look forward to doing more of those this month. J

After the workout, Dale Hall showed everyone the new BodyHelix wraps that we can use on our knees, elbows, thighs, calves, and Achilles tendons.  I’m liking the one I use on my knee, and it’s helping me during my workouts and my runs.  I never have had a wrap that I’ve worn before because none were comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis; but these are, and they don’t move!  Here’s Dale’s info if you need it.  Email:, phone: 704-641-4871.   Go through her to make sure you get the proper wrap AND the discount that you’ll receive, instead of having to pay shipping.

Then Ryan Danner of Carolina Performance and Wellness gave a great analogy to convey to us why we need to be using our foam rollers and “sticks” to take care of our muscles.  Ryan tells people who are hurt every day that you don’t start brushing your teeth when you get a cavity, so we shouldn’t start trying to take care of ourselves JUST when we get hurt.  Hopefully, we can all take 5 minutes a day to roll out any sore spots so that we can stay active (and keep coming to bootcamp. J)!  Here’s Ryan’s info.  I go to Ryan for any injuries or problems that I have with my knees or shoulder.

Phone: 703-541-7499, email:, and

Jessica Hooks of Just Focus Massage and Wellness showed us how we can help any injuries that we do have by using “kinesiotape” to support/assist a weak joint or muscle.  A lot of athletes and weekend warriors are using kinesiotape to increase their performance and decrease duration of injuries.  I’ll be booking Jessica for a massage soon!

Here’s Jessica’s info.  Email: Phone: 704-299-2607,  Remember, they have a wellness series that they’re getting ready to start, which would be a good addition to your workouts if you feel like you’re missing that component of your “wellness picture.”  She can tell you more about what each course or seminar is about.

To wrap it all up, I would suggest that 1)  everyone should employ a “self-care” routine and start using their foam roller or stick on a regular basis on any tight spots or nagging areas.  It only takes about 5 minutes a day!

2)  If you have pain that persists for more than a week (especially after you have started using your foam roller and/or stick regularly), use a professional such as Dr. Danner, who is able to work out tight spots using Active Release Therapy; OR go to someone such as Jessica Hooks who will be able to massage out tight areas, can tape up your injury, and also can provide wellness coaching if you’re interested.

3)  If you feel that you just need a little extra support on a joint or enjoy the feel of some extra warmth that the BodyHelix wraps supply, go to Dale Hall, and she’ll help you get the wrap that fits properly and suits your needs the best.

Read below for the 3 Things You Must Do to Have a Flat Belly!

1)       To reduce your belly fat AND tighten up your stomach, you need to have a strength training routine that is a FULL BODY routine.  You need to do high intensity strength training intervals that will ramp up your metabolism, get your muscles screaming, and your heart rate pumping!  Your full body routine should have at least one core exercise for every 5 exercises that you do, but most importantly, it should work your body in a very functional way that makes you move in all 3 dimensions just like you need to do in “real-life,” everyday situations.  Also, your core exercises should be bodyweight-supported abs exercises, not crunches or sit-ups! (Bad for your back and neck)

P.S.  If you’re in a Palisades, Tuff Girl, or Charlotte Corporate Wellness bootcamp, you’re guaranteed to be doing these things in EVERY workout!

2)      To reduce overall bodyfat AND bellyfat, you need to be adding high intensity cardio intervals to your routine in place of long, slow, boring cardio.  Intervals will help you get leaner my helping burn more calories, plus they can actually cut down your workout time AND strengthen your heart.  Intervals can actually decrease repetitive motion injuries because you can workout for a shorter amount of time but get even better results.

3)      The MOST important factor in getting a flat stomach is EATING RIGHT!  You heard me say today that “abs are made in the kitchen.”  I’m sure many of you workout-aholics have experienced this yourself, just as I have.  I have sabotaged my efforts many times by NOT eating well and rewarding myself with whatever I want to eat after a tough workout because I “deserve it” or have “earned it.”  However, this is NOT the way to make progress.  You need a calorie deficit to trim fat off of your body AND your belly, and you do that by a) eating lean protein and veggies, b) cutting out junk foods, processed foods, and sugar foods, and following #1 and #2 above!

Hope you enjoyed the workout everyone.  I’ll look forward to helping you get that flat belly that you want and achieving a higher fitness level than you ever thought possible.  Feel free to forward this to your friends and pass on this FREE invaluable information!

Julie “Tuff Girl” Sawyer

Fitness Director, Palisades Country Club

Tuff Girl Bootcamps,

Charlotte Corporate Wellness,


“Transform Charlotte” Transformation Contest for FREE bootcamps

January 7, 2011

Charlotte Trainers Show Big Hearts in Unprecedented Give-Away to Transform Lives

Contact – Julie Sawyer, 803-984-0714

January 6th, 2010- Charlotte fitness professionals, Julie Sawyer and Jason Rhymer, have teamed up for an unprecedented Transformation Contest to help people kick-start their New Year’s fitness resolutions.  For the first time ever, Sawyer and Rhymer will hold an essay contest, where 10 carefully selected entrants will win 3 free months of training to help them transform their lives.

Sawyer says, “I feel that this contest will give a few lucky people the ‘break’ that they have needed to achieve what they’ve always wanted but haven’t known how to get there.”  Sawyer explained that the contest will allow her and Jason to carefully screen the entrants and to pick the ones that they believe are ready and willing to take advantage of their services.  “The first step in a program like this is readiness,” says Sawyer, “and many times in January, we have to sort through numbers of people who think they’re ready but have not mentally made that decision to do whatever it takes to make changes, with no excuses.”

Rhymer adds, “This contest gives us a chance to get back to the reason we became fitness professionals, to help change lives.  We look forward to meeting and working with people who never thought there would be an opportunity like this for them to change their lives.”

This unprecedented transformation contest, called “Transform Charlotte,” will require all contestants to write an essay on “Why Bootcamp Would Change My Life.”  The essay can range in length from one paragraph to two pages.  Entries will be received starting January 17th, and the deadline for the entries is January 31st.  Sawyer and Rhymer will then take a week to review the entries and will reward 10 lucky people $6000 worth of coaching and fitness programming at no cost.  Winners will be announced and contacted during the week of February 7th. “We’ve decided to make 2011 the best year ever by starting it off with the biggest fitness give-away we’ve ever done.  We hope that this will spark the interest of hundreds of Charlotteans to make positive changes for the New Year.”

The “Transform Charlotte” contest is free and open to all Charlotteans, men and women over 21 years old.  The topic of the essay is “Why Bootcamp Would Change My Life.”  To submit your entry, email your essay to Julie at   For more information on other essay requirements, go to and  Check these websites for details and conditions that apply.  Sawyer’s and Rhymer’s bootcamps are run at select locations across Charlotte, including Steele Creek, Ayrsley, Matthews, Indian Trail, and South Charlotte.



Top 10 Exercises of 2010!

December 28, 2010

Hi everyone!  It’s time for some key, fun information to wrap up 2010 that I thought you’d be interested to know. J

The following is a list of my Top 10 exercises from Tuff Girl Bootcamps.  These exercises are a mixture of the top metabolic (calorie-burning, total-body) exercises of the year AND a few of the “camp favorites.”  I can guarantee that if you compose your workout of a handful of these exercises, you will be in for a great metabolic workout!

Please feel free to share this email with friends and family.  This is a great time to share free fitness information!  Some of your friends may be more “ready” than you think to try something that they haven’t tried before, so pass it around!

I’ll be working on a video version of this tomorrow so that you can also share this with friends. J

Top 10 exercises of 2010:

10)  SLDL- single-leg deadlifts (with or without a dumbbell)-Everyone loves these because they KNOW that they’ve worked their rears the day after the workout!

9)  lunge with a twist-You remember these; it’s a forward lunge with your arms extended, hands clasped, turning towards your front knee

8)  pushup-row-Do these with or without a dumbbell, keeping your hips square, for a heckuva core  workout!

7)  Sumo deadlifts with a dumbbell with an optional jump-A great exercise to work your glutes and your inner thighs!

6)  squat-reach-jump-Maybe not the most loved exercise in bootcamp but definitely a great one for lower body and cardio!

5)  Pushup-side plank-These are probably a camp favorite because they break up those dreaded pushups and add some great variety (plus they work even more core)!

4)  Rotational lunges-  We just recently added these to our routine, and everyone had sore glutes the next day!  A good way to add movement in more than one plane or direction.

3)  Curl-to squat-to press-  A good metabolic, total-body exercise to use in your routine to keep things interesting!

2)  Spiderman mountain climbers-Good for the core, especially lower abs, AND hip mobility

1)  THE BURPEE!  I know you hate ‘em, but this exercise is great for your mobility, it’s extremely metabolic, and it’s functional!  Sorry, but the older you get, the better they are for you!

Hope you enjoyed The Tuff Girl Bootcamp Top 10 exercises of 2010!  Looking forward to building a new top 10 with you this year and helping you get fit and healthy in 2011!


Transformation Contest Results!

October 1, 2010

On July 26th, thirty Lake Wylie residents of all ages took the plunge to participate in the free Transformation Contest, sponsored by Tuff Girl Bootcamps at The Palisades Sports Complex.  After 8 weeks of participating in three 30-minute exercise classes per week with laser- focus on their diets, the following contestants have received their awards for placing first, second, and third in the contest.

3rd Place-Pam Peterson (congratulations Pam!)- During the contest in those 8 short weeks, Pam was able to lose a little over 5 pounds, and she also lost ¾” in the waist and 1 ¼” in the hips! (Excellent!)  For her third place finish, Pam was awarded 3 custom interval workout tracks and 3 free workouts to use with those tracks ($100 value).

2nd Place-Julie Marraccini-(Good job Julie!)-During the contest in those 8 short weeks, Julie was able to lose 5 pounds on the scale and also lost 7/8” in her waist and 1 1/2” in the hips! (Awesome!)  For her second place finish, Julie received 3 custom interval workout tracks, plus 3 free workouts, and one free month to Tuff Girl Bootcamps ($275 value).

1st Place-Brenda Peters!!! (Congratulations Brenda!)-During the contest in those 8 short weeks, Brenda was able to lose 6 pounds on the scale and also lost 3 ¼” in her waist (WHAT?! That’s sick!) and 2 1/2 “ off her hips. (Unbelievable!) For her 1st place finish, Brenda wins 2 free months to Tuff Girl Bootcamps, plus 3 custom interval workout tracks, and the 3 free workouts to go with those tracks ($450 value).

Other notables in the Transformation Contest include:

Carmen Rios-Although the scale only showed Carmen losing 1 pound, her hard-nosed efforts in class helped her make great strides in the waist and hips.  In 8 weeks, Carmen lost at least 2 3/8” in her waist and 1 ½” in her hips! (Go Carmen!  Hard work always pays off!)

Deb Segura-In Deb’s “pursuit of perfection”, she entered the contest to motivate herself to lose her “last 5” pounds.  With some laser focus on her nutrition, Deb was able to lose 1 lb.  in her 1st 4 weeks and also lost 1 ¼” off of her already tiny waist and ½” in her hips!

Mary Eberle-Although Mary hasn’t seen a change in the scale yet, through her consistent exercise in 8 weeks, she took almost ½” off her waist and also lost ½” in the hips! (Go Mary!)

Jim Jones-Because of his travelling and a busy work schedule, I don’t have the final numbers for Jim yet; however, in Jim’s 1st week of exercise he lost 6 pounds.  In his second week, he lost another 3 pounds!  Jim proved to be a huge competitor in the contest, but the timing wasn’t right this time around.  Jim is determined not to give up his exercise routine and has made big improvements in his fitness and endurance.

  • NOTE: Well, I hate to “toot my own horn” here, but everyone who was successful in the contest just happened to be a participant in our Tuff Girl Bootcamps! Each person took the initiative to exercise on a regular basis, and they also made changes in how/what they were eating.  The bootcamps are designed as a no-nonsense way to raise your metabolism and burn bellyfat, so we hope to help everyone get results as quickly as possible!
  • I’d like to thank everyone for trying our bootcamps, and I hope you’ll let me know if you need help in the future, whether it’s in a bootcamp setting or even for personal training.

I would also like to thank everyone for participating in the Tuff Girl Bootcamps Summer Transformation Contest.  It was great meeting all of you, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working out with each of you too!

Finally, our bootcamps will continue to run through the winter, so I hope you’ll continue to take advantage of these fun, energizing, and challenging classes!


Maximize Your Metabolism

August 24, 2010

Here’s information on a 6-week course that we’ll be starting at TuffGirl Bootcamps called “Maximize Your Metabolism” to help people get “over the hump” on their nutrition and their eating habits.

You all know that you’re doing the right things in your workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Hopefully, you’ve added some interval training to your basic cardio routine for extra fatloss.  If you’re still having trouble losing weight, then it’s most likely your nutrition that needs a second look.

Take a look at what you’ll learn in the Maximize Your Metabolism course if you enroll by viewing this document.   ProGrade_Weight_Loss_Flyer_2009

We’re starting the course on September 13th for those who are interested.  Please email me if you are, and we’ll be nailing down a time that will suit as many people as possible.

Tips on Quality Supplements plus How to handle 1st workout blues!

July 22, 2010

Just wanted to say “good job” to all new bootcampers who have made either one or two workouts already this week!

Remember that second workout is key to helping you feel better, so make sure you show up to that second workout. J  Also remember that it takes time to build up your strength, so be patient; but you will see gradual increases in your strength each week when you first start working out.

Please let me know if you have any questions about what you should be doing on your “off” days.

See you Friday!

By the way, for everyone who wanted information on good quality supplements that we talked about in the evening class, here are my recommendations:

Here’s the website link if you just want to look around.  The video is good.

Prograde Protein-delicious, vanilla-flavored low-calorie protein drink that you can use to increase your protein intake (for building muscle) and also decreases appetite to help you in your fatloss pursuits.  I use this as a snack a lot and love it!

Prograde Workout-some of you have asked what to eat or drink after a workout.  The verdict is in on post-workout nutrition, and it makes a significant difference in your recovery and your ability to gain muscle.  You must have the proper ratio of carbs to protein, and you must optimally within 30 minutes of working out.

Prograde Workout is a post-workout drink, also vanilla-flavored, creamy, and smooth.  I LOVE this drink and wish I could drink it with every meal!

Prograde Lean-I mentioned this at the grocery store tour the other night.  We all need to be having some type of breakfast, but if you don’t have an appetite in the morning, this is a great alternative.  It’s chocolate-flavored and yummy!

Prograde Cravers-These are nutritious protein bars with organic ingredients that will stabilize your blood sugar.  I also love these, especially the chocolate peanut butter!

Here’s the link to order Prograde, the best supplements in the country, formulated by a registered dietician. Check out the video on the website for more information.

Those are my recommendations for now.  Too much information is overwhelming!



The Two Things that Will Transform Your Body

July 21, 2010

Hello everyone, just want you to know that the 6 AM workout will continue for the next couple of weeks!  Please let me know if you plan on normally coming to this workout.

Also, there was soooo much to go over on Sunday that there were many important topics that we did NOT get to talk about!

For all of you who are wanting to see big changes in 8 weeks, you’ve got 2 things to think about each day.

1)      Your nutrition-What can you change this week to help your body change in a positive way?  The best way to do that is to make a substitution.  For example, if you’re eating macaroni and cheese every Monday night, what can you use as a healthier substitute?  Maybe something like brown rice or sweet potatoes?

It’s making those substitutions and sticking with them over time that will make a huge difference in how your body is shaped.

2)       Your exercise program– What are you doing each day to a) build muscle, which boosts your metabolism (strength training, such as a bootcamp workout) and/or  b) work your heart (your cardio), which also burns calories and cuts down on your appetite.

These are the 2 areas that you need to focus on for the next 8 weeks.  You also need to DO IT and not “just try.” If the words “try” come out of your mouth, you will NOT get it done.  You need to make up your mind to succeed and find a way, no excuses.  If you’re having trouble with finding a solution to something, then email me.  Adopt an “I’m going to succeed belief.” That’s where it all starts.

Here’s an interview from one of the world’s best fatloss experts, Craig Ballantyne, on “The 3 Reaons Why People Fail.”  Read it!


I know we have many people who are doing the FREE 2-week trial to our bootcamps, but let me know if you need help with your exercise program and are not able to attend the bootcamps.  I want everyone to have a good first week!

More emails to come.  We have to talk about setting the right types of goals!  So that’s coming in another email.