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How to Get a Flat Stomach!

January 15, 2011

In case you missed today’s “flat belly” workout and seminar, we missed you; but we had a great workout!  We barely had enough space to fit everyone in the fitness room AND the lobby!

We did an ascending ladder today, so look forward to doing more of those this month. J

After the workout, Dale Hall showed everyone the new BodyHelix wraps that we can use on our knees, elbows, thighs, calves, and Achilles tendons.  I’m liking the one I use on my knee, and it’s helping me during my workouts and my runs.  I never have had a wrap that I’ve worn before because none were comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis; but these are, and they don’t move!  Here’s Dale’s info if you need it.  Email:, phone: 704-641-4871.   Go through her to make sure you get the proper wrap AND the discount that you’ll receive, instead of having to pay shipping.

Then Ryan Danner of Carolina Performance and Wellness gave a great analogy to convey to us why we need to be using our foam rollers and “sticks” to take care of our muscles.  Ryan tells people who are hurt every day that you don’t start brushing your teeth when you get a cavity, so we shouldn’t start trying to take care of ourselves JUST when we get hurt.  Hopefully, we can all take 5 minutes a day to roll out any sore spots so that we can stay active (and keep coming to bootcamp. J)!  Here’s Ryan’s info.  I go to Ryan for any injuries or problems that I have with my knees or shoulder.

Phone: 703-541-7499, email:, and

Jessica Hooks of Just Focus Massage and Wellness showed us how we can help any injuries that we do have by using “kinesiotape” to support/assist a weak joint or muscle.  A lot of athletes and weekend warriors are using kinesiotape to increase their performance and decrease duration of injuries.  I’ll be booking Jessica for a massage soon!

Here’s Jessica’s info.  Email: Phone: 704-299-2607,  Remember, they have a wellness series that they’re getting ready to start, which would be a good addition to your workouts if you feel like you’re missing that component of your “wellness picture.”  She can tell you more about what each course or seminar is about.

To wrap it all up, I would suggest that 1)  everyone should employ a “self-care” routine and start using their foam roller or stick on a regular basis on any tight spots or nagging areas.  It only takes about 5 minutes a day!

2)  If you have pain that persists for more than a week (especially after you have started using your foam roller and/or stick regularly), use a professional such as Dr. Danner, who is able to work out tight spots using Active Release Therapy; OR go to someone such as Jessica Hooks who will be able to massage out tight areas, can tape up your injury, and also can provide wellness coaching if you’re interested.

3)  If you feel that you just need a little extra support on a joint or enjoy the feel of some extra warmth that the BodyHelix wraps supply, go to Dale Hall, and she’ll help you get the wrap that fits properly and suits your needs the best.

Read below for the 3 Things You Must Do to Have a Flat Belly!

1)       To reduce your belly fat AND tighten up your stomach, you need to have a strength training routine that is a FULL BODY routine.  You need to do high intensity strength training intervals that will ramp up your metabolism, get your muscles screaming, and your heart rate pumping!  Your full body routine should have at least one core exercise for every 5 exercises that you do, but most importantly, it should work your body in a very functional way that makes you move in all 3 dimensions just like you need to do in “real-life,” everyday situations.  Also, your core exercises should be bodyweight-supported abs exercises, not crunches or sit-ups! (Bad for your back and neck)

P.S.  If you’re in a Palisades, Tuff Girl, or Charlotte Corporate Wellness bootcamp, you’re guaranteed to be doing these things in EVERY workout!

2)      To reduce overall bodyfat AND bellyfat, you need to be adding high intensity cardio intervals to your routine in place of long, slow, boring cardio.  Intervals will help you get leaner my helping burn more calories, plus they can actually cut down your workout time AND strengthen your heart.  Intervals can actually decrease repetitive motion injuries because you can workout for a shorter amount of time but get even better results.

3)      The MOST important factor in getting a flat stomach is EATING RIGHT!  You heard me say today that “abs are made in the kitchen.”  I’m sure many of you workout-aholics have experienced this yourself, just as I have.  I have sabotaged my efforts many times by NOT eating well and rewarding myself with whatever I want to eat after a tough workout because I “deserve it” or have “earned it.”  However, this is NOT the way to make progress.  You need a calorie deficit to trim fat off of your body AND your belly, and you do that by a) eating lean protein and veggies, b) cutting out junk foods, processed foods, and sugar foods, and following #1 and #2 above!

Hope you enjoyed the workout everyone.  I’ll look forward to helping you get that flat belly that you want and achieving a higher fitness level than you ever thought possible.  Feel free to forward this to your friends and pass on this FREE invaluable information!

Julie “Tuff Girl” Sawyer

Fitness Director, Palisades Country Club

Tuff Girl Bootcamps,

Charlotte Corporate Wellness,



FREE Workout to Flatten Stomachs for the New Year!

January 8, 2011

Come join us for a great workout on Saturday morning, January 15th at 9 AM at The Palisades Sports Complex! Julie Sawyer will lead this total body workout using strength training intervals to help you flatten your stomach and firm up your hips, thighs, and arms.
A short demonstration will be held afterwards by Dr. Ryan Danner, who will show everyone how to take care of and prevent joint pain. Jessica Hooks, massage therapist, will also be there to discuss how to use kinesiotaping for injuries and joint pain.
Anyone over 16 years old is welcome, men and women. Bring friends and family for this fun, challenging, and effective workout!

My Interval Workout on a Rainy Day, Ladder Speed Intervals

July 13, 2010

Today was rainy, so I got “stuck” on the cardio equipment in the gym for my cardio workout of the day.  Here’s what I did.  It ended up being a really good, refreshing but challenging workout.  It is not for the meek!  I did intervals running on the treadmill, but the following workout can be adjusted to go  your “sprint” speed or can even be done at the same intensity on another piece of cardio equipment like the bike or the elliptical.  Remember, the only rule I follow when I workout is to GO HARD!

To start, I warmed up by walking and then by “jogging” for about 5 minutes.  I always make sure I feel good and loose before starting anything that calls for intensity.  Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes instead of 5, but today I felt ready to go after 5 minutes of slowly increasing my speed.

Ladder Intervals:

Then I alternated by doing (running) 1 minute fast, then walking 1 minute slowly.  Here’s how I did it.

1 minute at 6.5 mph followed by 1 minute at 3.0 mph.

1 minute at 7.5 mph (I skipped 7.0 because I wanted to find the right challenging speed.) followed by 1 min. at 3.0 mph

1 minute at 8.0 mph, followed by 1 minute at 3.0 mph.

1 minute at 8.5 mph, followed by 1 minute at 3.0 mph.

1 minute at 9.0 mph, followed by 1 min. at 3.o mph.

1 minute at 8.5 mph, followed by 1 minute at 3.0 mph.

1 minute at 8.0 mph, followed by 1 minute at 3.0 mph.

1 minute at 7.5 mph, followed by 1 min. at 3.0 mph.

1 min. at 7.0 mph, followed by 1 min. at 3.0 mph.

1 min. at 6.5 mph, followed by 1 min. at 3.0 mph.

1 min. at 6.0 mph, followed by a 3 minute cool-down walking at 3.0 mph.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what your speed is on the treadmill.  You could be faster or slower than me, but what you’re shooting for is to get to that 70%-85% effort level, where you barely can make the 1 minute before you need to slow it down.  Try it for 5 to 10 intervals once or twice a week to start, and you’ll see yourself getting fitter and slimmer in a short amount of time!